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MILAN FINDINGS has been renowned for 25 years for its production of gold findings intended mostly for the sale to wholesalers, importers and manufacturers, boasting a wide-ranging product assortment with outstanding features plus an extremely punctual and efficient technical support.

Innovation is our major asset.

Quality is the result.

Customer satisfaction is our goal.

These are what have made us a leading brand in the international Gems and Jewellery sector. MILAN FINDINGS was founded in 1983, with an uncompromising commitment to using only the best materials, paying close attention to production quality, using state-of-art technology and providing a wide variety of products like Beads, Earrings, Locks and seamless Tube pieces etc with diamond cutting. These are the characteristics of a company that takes its work seriously. Today, MILAN FINDINGS has reached industrial Standards while maintaining the artisan quality that has carried it.

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